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Susan Brooks is rebuilding her life after her husband of forty years dies suddenly from a heart attack. She is struggling with life alone, recovering from her loss, and establishing her new identity as a single person when she receives news from Hawaii, where she owns a condo. Her tenants, Carole and Bart Selwyn, have broken their lease. Unable to decide whether she wants to retain and use the condo, or sell it, Susan leaves her home in Seattle and heads for the Big Island.

Once there, she confronts bittersweet memories of happy times spent with her husband. All her hard-won progress is threatened until she meets Walter Conway, a widower with a shadowy past. He was once a New York City police officer, but he keeps details of his past private as he and Susan forge a relationship and share their experiences with grief.

The mysterious disappearance of Carole Selwyn, and a blood-soaked carpet pad discovered in Susan’s condo, draw Susan and Walter into an investigation of a possible murder. Bart, Carole’s husband, tangled in a web of his own creation with the local mob, is a major suspect. Attempts to extract retribution from Walter for past deeds threaten Susan’s newfound love and her life.

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On the Big Island of Hawaii, Susan Brooks and Walter Conway, newlyweds, mostly live a quiet, peaceful life. When an ambulance pulls into the neighbor’s driveway, peaceful goes out the window. Walter knows that his neighbors, Lloyd and Connie Perkins, are elderly and have health issues. It’s still a shock when Lloyd ends up dead.

Connie, devastated by the sudden loss of her beloved husband, is horrified to learn that the police think he was murdered—and she’s the chief suspect. The arrival of Connie’s estranged granddaughter somewhat alleviates her loneliness, but involves them in events that may haunt them forever.

Susan and Walter reach out to support the frightened widow. They never could have imagined that their neighborly kindness would catch a killer and save Connie’s life.